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SKINheads are often taken to be mindless thugs who must be taken out of "society" and, quite often, put in Jail.....

But not all SKINz are like that. There are some pretty intelligent and well-meaning guys + chicks who like to shave

their heads [and other places]. But "society" being the crazy sort of place it is, even these folk don't fit in too well...

This Dutch film is all about an alienated young Jewish guy

in Amsterdam who landed in Jail... before and on first entry, he didn't do himself too many favours, including punching the prison officer, who performing a strip search, needed to inspect his anus.

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Skin 2.jpg

Prison strip searches- I know rather well because I've been through them myself- have a weird psychological chemistry.

This guy was not too unhappy opening his mouth; could tolerate having to lift up his [circumcised] cock and balls; 'though "drew the line" on being told to bend over and have his arse inspected. He punched the prison officer. Personally, I think that was deplorable and, even as a prisoner-type myself, can see why they dragged him off naked to the cooler.....

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As I know from experience- including in NL.- myself, it's possible to recover from the trauma of isolated and naked cell detention with a set of fresh clothes and a bit of care!

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