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Worldwide prison strip searches
AU Ghosts of the civil dead 2.JPG
AU Ghosts of the Civil Dead 3.JPG

FACT:- Going into prison,

you have to strip naked.

I am well accustomed.....

Personally, I never find it

too much humiliation.....

And, when "they" finally

tell me to take off my pants; raise my arms up high; bend over and pull my butt cheeks apart,

my cock hanging down between the legs really

no shame.....

AT Leder angst 2.jpg
AT Leder angst 1.jpg
CA-PQ L'Affaire Dumont 02.jpg
CA-PQ L'Affaire Dumont 42.jpg
DK R strip search 28.jpg
DK R strip search 29.JPG
F A Prophet prison strip search 10.jpg
F A Prophet prison strip search 02.jpg
DE Tatort Mitgehangen[(83716)12-02-18].JPG
033 Cock between the legs.jpg
11000 My Piercing from Mexico (4).png
DE Tatort Mitgehangen[(83888)12-05-45].JPG
remanded and strip searched 008.JPG
remanded and strip searched 013.JPG
9636 #A9636AN.png
9636 Nick exposed himself by old jail in Lithuania.jpg
9636 Nick prison reception.png
9636 Nick nach Gefängnis to prison No Fear Kein Angst [2].jpg
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